Krusty's stereo, a Two-channel Audio System by krustykat

2021 system
Room Size
System Overview
2 channel system in a dedicated listening room
Music Preferences
Indy, Alternative, Jazz, Acoustic,
Acoustic Treatment
ATS & GIK acoustic treatments scattered throughout the room.
Media Storage
Mapleshade record racks & ReadyNas Ultra
Digital Source
Roon, Tidal, Synology NAS, Innuos Zenith Mk3, Vinnie Rossi DAC 2.0
Analog Source
VPI Classic 1 with SDS, Transfiguration Phoenix with low output moving coil cartridge into a K&K Audio Maxxed-Out phono preamp with silver step-up transformers.
Vinne Rossi LIO preamp w/ DHT Takatsuki 300b
Power Amp
Pass XA30.8
Selah Audio Tempesta Xtremes
Speaker Cable
Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cable.
Triode Wire Labs
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs, diy w/ Furutech and Viborg. Furutech ncf outlet on dedicated power line.
Audeze lcd-xc, Sennheiser HD800, Focal Elise, Woo Audio WA5LE
Mapleshade 4" maple stands
Power Cond
Nordost qx4, Furutech GTO-D2 R NCF, Furutech NCF Clear line