Listening Living Room (old system / house) , a Two-channel Audio System by jriggy

Room Size
23 x 14.5 x 8.5
System Overview
Straddling dynamics and smoothness, detail and musicality. Good soundstage for the room.
Music Preferences
Improve rock (Grateful Dead, Phish), Electronica (mainly ambient and groove related), bluegrass & acoustic. Getting into Jazz as I get older. Basically very open - revolving around instrumentation as opposed to vocal but not opposed to it by any means.... But really beginning to like female (and male) vocal since the system is coming together.
Room Description
With the best Wife Appreciation Factor in the world, this is our main living room that has become our dedicated 2-ch listening environment.
Acoustic Treatment
GIK Tri-traps floor to ceiling in front wall corners. GIK 242's @ first reflection. 2" panels and 244 w/ flex range limiter covering windows on front wall between speakers. 3 244's on rear wall, as well as a few other panels here and there. All just via a process of listening tests.
Digital Source
PS Audio PWT Transport > Lampizator level 4 gen 4
Other Sources
Bolder modded Squeezebox touch and Bolder super deluxe psu w/ Bybee music rails AND Bybee quantum purifiers.
Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT PRE
Power Amp
Wells Audio Innamorata Signature amp
Daedalus Argos V2
Speaker Cable
Triode Wire Labs American Speaker Cables
DanaCable Diamond Reference Wywire digi cable. HiDiamond aes/ebu digi cable
Power Cables
ALL Triode Wire Labs... 7+ on the BUSS, Furman, Wells amp and preamp. Triode Wire 8+ on Boulder PSU of the Squeezebox Touch, and the new Digital PC on the PWT Transport, and another 8+ on the DAC.
Steve Blinn Extra wide and 21" low rack w/ 2" maple shelves.
Power Cond
custom PI Audio/Triode Wire Labs Uber BUSS. Furman SPR 20i voltage regulator. Configuration: Uber to the wall. amp and Furman in the Uber. everything else in the Furman.
Tuning and Tweaks
Daedalus Isolation Devices, Herbies Audio Labs Tinderfoot footers and lots of room treatments.