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Re: DAC/Streamers
« Reply #160 on: 3 Apr 2021, 10:05 am »
I’m a little confused. On my iPad the display is different from the display shown in the manual on one line of Magic Moose.
On my iPad Update/Clear/Consume is in the centre of the screen, the buttons for Song Info and Media Player Settings are on the far left and the buttons for Default View, Song View and Artist View are on the far right.
Why is it different on my device, does it make a difference. Have I downloaded the wrong version of Manic Moose?
My iPad uses the latest firmware (14.4.2). My Bryston device is the BR20. Can anybody tell what’s happening?

Hi Clive

The app displays differently depending on the device. The one in the manual is how it would look on a full screen computer and the IPAD and IPHONE scale differently.



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Re: DAC/Streamers
« Reply #161 on: 27 May 2021, 01:24 pm »
Concerning the Diapason award: here in Germany Bryston is somewhat the "amplifier company". Bryston digital equipment does not have the same reputation.

The Diapason d'or was awarded for some nice but exotic stuff like Shindo and Platine Verdier.

I wonder why Bryston digital equipment is not more "aggressively" promoted in German media.

The Diapason d'or for example is something that should be used in ads.
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