Empirical Audio modded PT P-3A review

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Empirical Audio modded PT P-3A review
« on: 2 Feb 2004, 08:31 am »
My review is now completely finished and posted in the Critic's Circle for anyone that wants to take a read. :D

Thank you Steve for putting together such an incredible mod! I am LOVING the EA P-3A, and just simply amazed by the work Steve does! :D


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Empirical Audio modded PT P-3A review
« Reply #1 on: 13 Feb 2004, 06:22 pm »
I would just like to add my complete agreement as to the improvements of the turbomod over the modwrite level 2 for the p3a.  I just got mine back from Steve and am loving it!  I really notice much more air around the instruments, and cymbals are very musical now with no harshness. The whole presentation is more real. I am smiling after every disc that I listen to. THANKS Steve for your wonderfull mods and work. It was worth every penny!!!