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Title: Sophia Electric Baby 4 Spatial speakers
Post by: garyzab on 4 Dec 2017, 09:31 pm
I am an early adopter of M2s and run mine using a Sophia Electric Baby tube tamp.  Routinely people are asking what amp to run their Spatial Audio speakers and I thought I would throw out this suggestion based on my personal experience.  Very quiet tube amp with a lucid midrange.  I have had mine for two years now and have experienced zero issues to date.  You can routinely find these used on Audiogon for well under $1k.  I think you would have to spend closer to $2k to improve on it's sound.  I have a modest sized room and the Baby'x 10 watts per  are enough to push the Spatial's pretty hard.  I have never felt the need for more wattage.  If this amp has a downside, it is because it only has one input.  Hope this helps.