Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures

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Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures
« on: 30 Nov 2008, 08:48 pm »
I thought of hijacking Eye Fidelity, but may as well use my circle....

For the past three weeks I had a rare opportunity to travel east-bound, to Russia, China, Singapore and back to the US - around the world. For the business, so not much chance for sightseeing but, if you don't sleep too long (and jet lag definitely helps), you can cover pretty wide ground.... I thought I'll share some of the pics I've taken on the journey...

Well, let's start... 1st stop: St. Petersburg, Russia. My second visit - beautiful city, highly recommended.

Peter the Great (Peter I). Built the city and moved the capitol from Moscow in order to build powerfull fleet and grow Russia into Naval superpower.

Palace Square - just across Hermitage Museum

Alexander Column on Palace square. If memory serves me well, this column (well over 100ft tall) has no any foundation, it's just sitting there supported by weight and gravity.

St. Isaac's Cathedral, one of the largest in Christian Orthodox World.

Kazan Cathedral, simply magnificent.

Mariinsky Theatre - this is Ana Netrebko's home base

Peter and Paul's Fortress - built to protect the city, later became an infamous dungeon...

Inside the fortress - Museum of Torture "Instruments"

Winter Palace - today Hermitage Museum

Nevskiy Prospect (Neve Avenue) - one of the most beautiful streets in St. Petersburg and much wider...

Next stop - China!


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« Reply #1 on: 7 Dec 2008, 07:11 pm »
Russian Aeroflot took me to my first stop in China - Beijing. My third visit, so I skipped the usual (Forbidden City, etc.) and spent some time by Hou Hai lake. An interesting oasis in the heart of the city. Traditional stores, restaurants, western-type bars, street vendors, rickshaws...everything is here....

Later that night - Red Theatre (I wonder where the name came from  :scratch:)

For some kung-fu

Short flight from Beijing is Dandong, a small city (by Chinese standards - about 1.5-2 million people) on the border with North Korea.

N. Korea is on the other side of the bridge... there are two bridges, but the left one works, and the one on the right was knocked down (Korean half) during Korean war... it did not prevent Chinese to make it look nice anyway - along with an old japanese bunker in the foreground.

You can drive 20 minutes to a different kind of border....with barbed wire....

In the background there are two N. Korean solders... they could not care less about me taking pics. And my face.... well, little frozen, it was about 10°F outside...

Left Dandong and went to Shanghai, to melt at 60°F...

Cars are very expensive in China, Mercedes S280 sells for about $90,000! And...

it's manufactured in Beijing  :scratch:

Even though KFC seems to be the most popular western restaurant in China (their stores outnumbering McDonald's by a large margin), there are other places to eat spicy chicken.

Then, the time has come to travel further south... to Singapore.


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« Reply #2 on: 14 Dec 2008, 09:20 pm »
There are three things one can instantly notice in Singapore: Very, very pleasant and hospitable people, clinically clean streets (in six days I did not need to shine my shoes, not even dust) and... there are no old cars!

Downtown Singapore as seen from the cable car coming from Sentosa Island

Riverside Point - where night life happens...

Merlion - symbol of Singapore, half lion, half fish

Fountain of Wealth - the larger fountain in the world

Jellyfish at the Aquarium

Arab section, exotic small stores and restaurants

Talking about stores... huge shopping malls seem to be everywhere... there seem to be more malls than in NYC... and NYS....

Singapore is only 70-80 miles north of Equator.

Another good place to visit  :D


Re: Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures
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Boris, Great shots. I would love to do that.
Have a safe return if not back already.



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Re: Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures
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Great pictures, Boris.  Great trip I'm sure.  I'm also sure it was more business than pleasure? :thumb:



Re: Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures
« Reply #5 on: 15 Dec 2008, 03:43 am »
Thanks guys - yes, it was a great trip - I got to really enjoy every time I go to China - made some great friends there, which is not difficult at all, considering that everubody is so hospitable, open and friendly. But it was a business trip (that's why many pictures were taken at night, when the work is finished).

I was looking for "some" vacuum tubes

and had a paper at Sustainable Energy Technologies Conference. We need to make sure to have enough energy to power our tube amplifiers  :lol:

A detail from the wall in one of the buildings of Singapore Management University (where the conference was held):


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Re: Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures
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Thanks for the photo's Boris.... nice trip !!! :thumb:

Any truth to the rumor that your next amp will be named... "hooters" ?  :jester:

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Re: Around the world in 3 weeks - pictures
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Fantastic photos, thanks for sharing! You're a luck man.  :thumb: