Now representing AudioLimits Canada!! Pricing available

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I am excited to announce that I reached an agreement with AudioLimits Canada for mutual distribution of our products.

AudioLimits ( is a startup company (not unlike ourselves), manufacturer of affordable high quality power cables, interconnects and passive preamplifiers. All made in Canada.

The company will be represented in the US by Vista-Audio parent company, ENG Vista, Inc.

To celebrate the relationship that lasts for more than a year and was formalized two days ago, ENG Vista is the first one to announce a new addition to Audiolimits' family of Power Cords:

Silver One Power

  • Eight transposed strands of Silver over OFC wire
  • AWG 10
  • Shield: 100% coverage, Silver over OFC
  • MARINCO hospital grade plugs

AudioLimits family of Power Cords

Front to back:
  • Silver One Power
  • Shield 1.1
  • Shield 2
  • Shield 3.1 (featured in Affordable$$Audio review of the Vista-Audio model i84 amplifier, June 2007, pg. 26)

Standard length is 6ft, custom lengths available on request.

Silver One Power: $180.00
Shield 1.1: $160.00
Shield 2: $120.00
Shield 3.1: $65.00


If you managed to get this far, you deserve a bit of insider info: AudioLimits started selling their wares through Ebay and Canuck Audio Mart few months ago. This is retail model that they will abandon. However, there may be few items listed at this time and you may get them at nice discount. Search Ebay for seller ID: Audiolimitscanada and you may get lucky!

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Re: Now representing AudioLimits Canada!! Pricing available
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ALC's passive preamp review in Audio-Ideas magazine:

Introductory price: $180.00

Available in Silver or Black. ALC is struggling to meet demand, so this is built to order only (for the moment). You can order by contacting me or ALC directly (if you order directly, please mention that you saw the thread on AC - I'll get my modest commission  aa).

The product will ship from Canada in 4-6 weeks ARO (hopefully sooner as Alex of ALC is working hard to increase throughput in October).