Custom power and output transformers

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Custom power and output transformers
« on: 13 Apr 2007, 01:23 am »
We represent Trafomatic Company

specializing in custom power and output transformers. We gladly accept to design and build a SINGLE custom transformer at no price premium. Of course, there are discounts for larger quantities (5, 10, 50....).

Some of the models are listed on our website

and Quote Request Form can be found at

(sorry about messy layout, it's hard for me to find time to have it better organized, but I promise to get to it, eventually  :dunno:)

FAQs are at:

Thanks for looking,
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Re: Custom power and output transformers
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We are currently accepting orders for estimated delivery in August (August 20-24, 2007).

Orders will be accepted until July 13, 2007.