Subsonic's NX-Treme build (and an alternative to Heatlock Glue)

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Yup! Basically just south of Fondy. Wow... Small world!

Yeah, looking at it now.. Veneering the sides would have probably been easier than trying to get a really consistent finish on them. At least with my little experience! But it's all worth it, even if it's just a learning experience and I say screw it and duratex it lol.

You should have a PM! :thumb:


Final update on the NX-Treme's. The 2nd pair have been successfully moved to their new location. I moved the cabinets and installed all the components on site to reduce weight and the chance of damage occurring in transit. I had all the No Rez pre-cut and the crossover boards assembled prior to moving them, so I had to install the drivers, wire up the drivers, then install the crossovers and No Rez.

Everything went flawlessly! They sound absolutely phenomenal already with only 8 hours on them. I know they will continue to improve - but the open sound in this room is intoxicating.

Big thank you to Danny and Hobbs for getting me some final crossover components to allow me to finish these in time for the big move! Still need tube connectors, but I was able to get them in place and hooked up which was huge!


Wow!  Seriously, that's freaking amazing.




Any close ups of veneer?  Looks great!



Those things are on a whole different level! Absolutely stunning! :thumb: :thumb: Those subs are fantastic. They almost look like some old-school floor standing speakers. Excellent work!

I'd love to hear those in that big room! Bet it puts out massive sound!


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Stunning and what a great room to let them BREATHE!

Not be rip off a great song, but - I can only imagine!  :thumb:

Rock Ball

Congratulations!  That room makes it worth the effort with the veneer.  What a joy it must be to experience the fruit of your labor.

With a system like that, you won't be using that wonderful shop much anymore.  All you will want to do is sit there and listen to music every evening into the wee hours, and all weekend long.



I have three words...





Thanks very much everybody! It has been quite a journey getting these speakers built but the end result is completely worth it.

Rock Ball - thank you very much! However, the 2nd room is at my dad's place (but the speakers are for a friend/relative - long story). The dark theater room is at my house so unfortunately they don't have quite as much space as I'd like. Still - they sound incredible!

Tortoiseman- you know I didn't take any super close ups of the veneer. They are crystal clear on my end but AC really compresses the image when you upload it. The veneer did turn out extremely well though.


Incredible work!


Hey Brian
Glad  to see both of these  pairs of  speakers   all finished  up.   Both pairs   lok amazing   :thumb:
Still  feel bad abouit the issues  youi  encountered  with the  flat packs   we've  definately been paying    more  attention watching  for  any parts that may have slipped during   machining....  trying to  "season"   components  a bit more before  dry fitting kits and packing/shipping to reduce   movement  as well but   makes catching up    even slower. 

In any event,  so happy  to hear  both  you and your relative ar"extremly" happy  with the  final results.
Enjoy  your   systems     man  !!!



Hey thank you Jay! It was a pleasure working with you. Your stuff is top notch - I only mentioned some of the issues we had to point out to other potential buyers the difficulties in making these cabinets. Ordering a pair of these is not like ordering a set of studio's.

Oh, and they sound absolutely incredible. I'd label them as "bonkers" good. Well worth the effort and wait!


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Looks great!  Excellent work!

Norman Tracy

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When your speaker build requires a ladder, scaffolding, hoist, or fork lift to complete you have without a doubt entered a new level of the pursuit.

Well done.