TS 3 MiniMax System

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TS 3 MiniMax System
« on: 22 Jan 2003, 02:40 am »
First, what size woofer is in the box?  8 inch?

Secondly, what is the ideal crossover point using speaker level inputs?


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TS 3 MiniMax System
« Reply #1 on: 22 Jan 2003, 12:52 pm »
Hi Albee,

The MiniMax system includes a pair of TS3s and an 8" powered sub. If your using low level inputs, I recommend setting the crossover between 60 and 80Hz. If you run the high level and then run speaker cables from the sub to the TS3s, you want to set the crossover at around 125 Hz as in this configuration the TS3s will start at 125Hz. The sub has a built in high pass section when wired this way. As always it good to experiment as rooms differ in size and shape.