Looking to pair Jr Alnico XRS towers with a Decware Zen

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Having just recently placed an order for my first pair of Omega speakers, I thought I'd share my thought process and decision, and see if there's anyone else out there with a similar experience.

I've been on the waitlist for a Decware UFO2 (considering upgrading to a 25th Anniversary, we'll see) since February of 2022, currently positioned in the low 800s on the list. Realistically, it'll be well over a year before I get my amp but I was anxious to upgrade my existing bookshelf 86 dB speakers with a pair of Omegas.

Having read through the various forums, I was aiming for a pair of either the flagship SAM HO monitors or the flagship SA HO towers, believing that 1.) I'd be better served by the twin driver 1.5 way design, and 2.) the higher efficiency of 97dB would be a better fit for a 2.3 watt amp.

While the above logic was not proven totally off-base, a conversation with Louis led me in a different direction. Based on my musical and listening preferences (jazz and rock, mostly near-field listening at moderate to moderately loud), Louis conveyed to me that a single driver alnico would be ideal, especially with the option of adding a sub in the future, if desired. Even after I made it clear I was willing to pay more for the HO, Louis steered me toward the single driver speaker, either the SAM or the XRS. I can't quote him directly but he mentioned that based on some very recent modifications and tuning, the single alnico was right up there with the twin alnicos, to the point where the extra money would not be necessary to achieve what I was looking for. This was a surprise, but a welcome one.

Additionally, he seemed confident that the 95dB of the single alnico would pair beautifully with the Zen.

Is anyone else pairing the single alnico with a Decware? I'd love to hear your impressions.

Also, I wonder if anyone can weigh in on the differences between the UFO2 (with upgrades) and the 25th anniversary model. The price difference is not small, but considering the difficulty of obtaining a Decware amp, I don't want to have any regrets.

I placed my order for the Jr. Alnico XRS towers and can't wait to finally hear them. Until I receive my Decware amp, the Omegas will be paired with a Rega Brio3.