Midwest Audiofest

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Midwest Audiofest
« on: 7 Jan 2003, 01:04 am »

Welcome to Audiocircle!  Are you still planning on attending the Midwest Audiofest?  If so, what types of speakers do you plan to bring?  Also, what will you be using as a source and to drive them?  I look forward to getting together.

Louis O

MidWest Audiofest
« Reply #1 on: 7 Jan 2003, 03:06 pm »
Hi Jack,


I'm planning to attend. Looks like I will bring all the speakers including a new model using Supravox drivers. I will use Opera Audio Amps and preamps, Moray James cables and Skylan Stands. Should be alot of fun and I also look forward to getting together.

Many Thanks,