Is Dave away on holiday or elsewhere - may be Munich?

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Just wondering if Dave is away. I have been trying to contact him for an order of cables. I tried his website email too but to no avail.
Hope he is well.


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Re: Is Dave away on holiday or elsewhere - may be Munich?
« Reply #1 on: 22 May 2023, 09:30 pm »
I just took Friday and Saturday off.  :lol:

I should put an auto-reply in my emails though, I got covid in February without knowing it, so I didn't pause my workout routine which was every other day at the time. A workout ended up allowing covid to do a lot of damage and I ended up in the ER, it turns out this is pretty typical for athletes, and the result is often catastrophic... Now I have long covid, which is somewhat related to chronic fatigue syndrome. The virus disrupted my nervous system, digestive system, my aerobic capacity, my brain, basically everything. And now I also have tinnitus. It comes and goes but I have it for part of a day everyday if not all day.

The good news is I am recovering, things are going the right direction, but my capacity to do things is greatly diminished. I often fall behind on answering emails and my wait time for getting orders done is a bit longer than usual. Luckily tax time, longer days and warmer temps coincide with a slightly less busy audio business, if this happened during the Holidays and into January it would have been a lot more difficult.

Also, my phone number is on my website, I don't want to post it everywhere because I get enough spam calls, but it is there and I do answer my phone if I am able.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate AudioCircle and all it's members, it's been close to 10 years since I started ZenWave and it's been great.

I am also close to announcing a new interconnect cable that is a significant breakthrough in cable technology. It has lower noise and greater resolution than anything I've ever tested combined with also being one of the least bright and fatiguing cables I've ever tested. For many this will be the holy grail of cables, and it's performance will really put into perspective how much cables add to the sound you hear and provide a new benchmark for the term "neutral" as it applies to cables.