Want to add 2 subs to “shortest signal path” system. Best way?

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My system consists of Qobuz controlled by an IPad.  The signal is streamed from a Node 2i directly into a DAC DAC HS1 using a digital coax cable.  The HS1 feeds a set of Inline Maraschino King Mono Amps using XLR cables.  The mono amps are located at the base of Spacial M4 Turbo S speakers and connected with 12” of speaker wire.  My room is 13’x14’ with speakers on the 13’ wall.  Dedicated room has a combo of absorption and diffusion treatments in the front half, including first reflection sidewall locations.

Goal is to enhance the low end of the Spatials

I would like to add a pair of Rythmik L12 subs.  Looking for suggestions on best way.  I want to keep the “shortest path” concept.

Additional information:  The Node 2i has a single subwoofer output.  I have run a single HSU sub, that accepts signal input from an amplifier, directly from the mono amps to the sub using speaker wire.  The Rythmik model I am considering does not have speaker input terminals like the HSU. The Rythmik site warns about Class D speaker connections to their subs.  Are they different than the HSU?

Thanks in advance for your input and insight, greatly appreciated.


Maybe more info about the HS1. Picture of the back?
Does it have attenuation?


Maybe more info about the HS1. Picture of the back?
Does it have attenuation?

The HS1 does not have attenuation.  Rear connections are only a power supply, a digital coaxial input, and left/right XLR analog outputs.


I use one of these on occasion. Does the job fine, and cheaper than diy. https://www.amazon.com/Converter-BOSS-Audio-B65N-Systems/dp/B000LP4RMQ/ref=sr_1_4?crid=S9T260W4Z7QM&dchild=1&keywords=speaker+to+rca+converter&qid=1615927173&sprefix=speaker+to+rca%2Caps%2C530&sr=8-4

As you have the amps separated, you could either get two of them, or extend the wires to reach.


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Recommend a y-cable and drive the subs with the Node's sub output.  The issue with some subs running from high level (speaker) outputs is that many assume the amp is single ended, which is not the case for many Class-D amps, including Maraschino Cherry, MEGAschino, and x-CHerry (they have balanced outputs, aka "BTL" or bridge-tied-load).  It's easy enough to design a true differential high level input for subs, so I could never understand this limitation.

Either way, it's more of a "purest approach" to separate the lows from the highs for this.  Replacement bass is better than supplemental bass because it lowers excursion of the full range speakers, which lowers distortion.


I’ve been using a Hi level to RCA Jensen Iso-Max  and it works great. Simalar to the Bose but higher quality.   https://www.jensen-transformers.com/home-theater/audiophile/