iPhone and Cherry USB — 192kHz/24-bit !!

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iPhone and Cherry USB — 192kHz/24-bit !!
« on: 25 Jul 2020, 02:26 pm »
I was able to stream 192/24 (Qobuz) from my iPhone using a Lightning OTG to USB female adapter (RVOKOMS Male to Female OTG Extension Cable) and a standard USB cable (the one provided with Cherry USB) as well as with a MeloAudio USB 2.0 Cable Type B to Midi Cable OTG Cable (no adapter needed). Both were bought from Amazon.

With a Cherry Stack (KING STM, 60V 1kW power supply with 12VDC jack upgrade, 130dB+ Cherry DAC DAC 2 HS, and Cherry USB), one of the above USB cable solutions, speaker cables, a power cord, and a phone, a very portable, super high performance 400Wpc demo system is easy to “lug around”!