👀 What?? 2-CHerry vs MEGAschino MONOs ??

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👀 What?? 2-CHerry vs MEGAschino MONOs ??
« on: 16 May 2020, 11:24 pm »
Some would say this isn't a fair comparison, but the 2-CHerry can really hold its own against the "big boy amps"....

Some differences between 2-CHerry and MEGAschino MONOs:
    • Regulated switching power supply
    • One power supply for both channels
    • Only KING version has the faceplate and Gold WBT posts
    • >400Wpc into 4Ω
    • 0.016Ω output impedance at 1kHz
    • 118dB SNR
    • 0.002% THD+N at 10W
    • 0-100kHz response
    • 22dB gain
    • Toroidal transformer based power supply
    • True monoblocks – massive separate power supplies per channel
    • Faceplate and Gold WBT posts on all versions
    • >700Wpc into 4Ω, >1000Wpc peak into 4Ω
    • <0.03Ω output impedance at 1kHz
    • 120dB SNR
    • 0.001% THD+N at 10W (MK2 version)
    • 0-150kHz response
    • 26dB gain

Both have auto-sleep, so you can leave them on 24/7.  Both use the same proprietary modulation and power output circuitry type.  Both can drive below 2Ω.

The MEGA can output huge current, but this isn't necessary for many systems, especially those with more efficient speakers.  Am I missing anything here?