Stereophile – Subjective Loudspeaker Testing And What People Hear

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I read an article in Stereophile a couple weeks ago.  It postulated that there are people who are more sensitive to tone and there are others that are more sensitive to rhythm (accuracy vs dynamics?)(which may be why some people prefer speaker A and others speaker B).  The article didn’t say this but I suspect that many people drift back and forth over the years, I know I have.

Ten years ago I was looking for the big, loud dynamic sound of live music and made adjustments to my system accordingly.  Two years ago that changed when I realized that I missed tonal accuracy especially for pianos, horns, snares and deep bass notes.

As you probably guessed, I began making tweaks to my system again.  It was the final change, upgrading my amplifier to the 2Cherry that sealed the deal as I noted on this thread.

For the past month I’ve been away on vacation and spending time with family and never turned my system on…until a few days ago.  What struck me immediately is that I had been so focused listening for improvement in tone that I completely missed the fact that the rhythm (big, loud, dynamic, live) was still there as well.  I hadn’t traded one for the other, I now had both.

I especially have to make note of two changes; 

The Salk Veracity ST loudspeakers with their amazing RAAL top end, beautiful SEAS midrange and really tight transmission line bass.

But even more important (because the Salks couldn’t sing without) the 2Cherry and its underappreciated ability to render the best aspects of tube and solid state with a level of clarity that brings the music alive.