2Cherry Review Thread

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2Cherry Review Thread
« on: 13 Jul 2019, 02:25 pm »

I took delivery of a 2Cherry in early April, probably one of the first, and I’ve been posting my findings here:   https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=163954.0

It seemed like this amp deserved its own thread….so, I’m starting a new thread in hopes that other 2Cherry owners will post their experiences as well.

I’m now at 50 hours, so here is an update….but first, a couple questions. In a few words, how do owners of tube based systems often describe the sound of their systems?  liquid, dimensional, musical?  What about solid state based systems owners?  detailed, airy, great lows?  Ok, I agree, that these are just broad generalizations.

Next question…when you hear live music…lets say a piano player, a trumpet player and a drummer, first playing individually and then together…how do you describe that sound, especially in relation to your home audio sound?  clearer, more dynamic, perfect tone?

For me the implications are that if you want your home audio system to sound more like live music then you might want to stop looking for liquidity, dimensionality, detail, and low end or at least prioritize components that can deliver clarity, tonal accuracy and dynamics.  The 2Cherry is at the top of the class in this department.

Over the past two years my amplifiers have included a Crown XLS2000, Nuprime STA9, and Parasound Halo A23. Each amp was a step up from the prior but I was still searching for something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Obviously, with each amp, I was moving up the chain…both in sound and in price and there were a lot of amps to choose from for my next move. I guess I chose the 2Cherry because I respected the interview with Tommy in Positive Feedback and because many forum commenters said that he bent over backwards to help and satisfy his customers.

Out of the box, the amp sounded great; beautiful tone, soundstage and musicality. And then it hit me, this amp was also a step up in clarity and this clarity brought the music alive in a way that I hadn’t heard in my system before.

Over the first 50 hours, I’m not sure that the sound of the amplifier has changed much if at all.  I’ve tried different power cords, no change. I’ve swapped the Halo back in, less musical, less alive. I’ve tried new cds, old cds and really old cds; all of them sound better.

Here are a couple more examples...and music you may enjoy for your system;

On Jook Bourke’s “Up All Night” CD, the saxophone, beautiful guitar work, snares and Hammond just take on a whole new presentation and really come alive with the 2Cherry in a way I had never experienced prior….you can try the streaming sampler to see if this is might appeal to you…the music is a mix of jazz, blues and classic rock.  It is a little eclectic but the work of the musicians and the tone they generate is enchanting!


If you haven’t seen the play Hamilton…it is a great play in so many respects.  Admittedly though, it moves fast and with the rap dialogue you may not pick up 100% of the music/words without the headphone option if you see it live.  I bought the CD and I was shocked at what a beautifully clear and almost better than live presentation the 2Cherry rendered on my system.  Dialogue – Clear, Staging – Perfect, Music – Authoritative, Tone – Beautiful.


Let me wrap up the 50 hour update by saying that the 2Cherry has made my system more emotionally involving and wanting to play more music than in past years!

Warning:  This amplifier will have you wondering about what else in your system needs to be upgraded to keep moving closer toward a live music sound.


Re: 2Cherry Review Thread
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I'm using 2 Maraschino Kings in my systems now. They've taken me out of the amp market. They simply do everything I expect from a great amp.
I've no doubt the 2Cherries are superb.
Thanks for the heads up on Hamilton. I'm listening to it now through my Maraschinos and Avalons! Very Cool!
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Re: 2Cherry Review Thread
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Over the first 50 hours, I’m not sure that the sound of the amplifier has changed much if at all.  I’ve tried different power cords, no change.

There's something unique going on here as I've never heard a new amp that didn't benefit from a couple of days of break in, or from using better power cords (PLEASE let's not have another 12 page thread about whether or not power cords can make a difference...)


Re: 2Cherry Review Thread
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You bring up two excellent points...and so I would like to add some clarification;

Power Cords

As I stated in the linked thread, in addition to the stock cord, I tried the Shunyata Vemom HC and several Pangea models...I heard no difference...but since I didn't hear every other cord out there and I don't have the same room, system or music as everyone else...I have no fight with anyone who does hear a difference.  This forum is a community so I hope they will share what they have experienced so that others may also give it a try.  AND most important from my perspective...anyone thinking of buying one of the Cherry Amps doesn't have to think that not only will they have to buy the amp but they will have to search out the right cord to really make it sing....No, it sounds great with the stock cord.

Break In

I'm pretty sure that Tommy plays every thing he sells/builds for a few hours before it gets shipped...so, you as the buyer are not the first one to play and hear what you buy....Tommy is.  I'm at 50 hours on this amp, I've heard very little change...but if someone else, again on their system in their room with their music hears improvement...then I approve.  BUT, again, if you buy a Cherry Amp....you do not have to wait 200 hours wondering...will this thing sound good, the 30 days is almost up, now what do I do...it will sound great right out of the box.

I hope these clarification are helpful and as you said, stop the debate over cords and break in and just allows people to post their own experiences with Cherry amps, especially the 2Cherry...and if they find/found cords and break in worked for them...no problem, share whatever they think will benefit others.

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Re: 2Cherry Review Thread
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I'm using 2 Maraschino Kings in my systems now. They've taken me out of the amp market.

They simply do everything I expect from a great amp.

+1  :D

After two years there still isn't another amplifier that stirs my interest, not even in the slightest.  :D :D


Re: 2Cherry Review Thread
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And One More Thing

I'sn't it often the case, you finish writing a review and you think of something else you should have added.  This morning I was listening to the Chicago Transit Authority CD (this is a great CD because it has a lot of different instruments fading in, fading out, moving around...all kinds of things happening...great horns, great drums...great guitars) ...and three things hit me that should have been in the review, but, first let me say there is a good chance that with a lot of your music...this amp will give you shivers...it is that good....   


First....With the 2Cherry, you are going to hear details that you will swear that you never heard before

Second...and you are going to hear things spatially...width, depth, and movement that you may never have heard with your current amp

Third....you are going to hear tone/pitch that is so good and maybe better than you have heard before

OK...that's it for now.