Passive preamps

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Re: Passive preamps
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I had for a few years been very satisfied with the Wyred4Sound STPse which as a passive, below unity, places just one high quality resistor in the attenuation. It's very good, but the buffer stages could be responsible for softening the signal somewhat.   I as well had the pleasure of test driving the TEO Liquid Audio preamp, although it's only a single ended device, but wired with the TEO special formula cabling.  Also, there were a few pro audio devices, that again placed just one resistor in signal path, but use different schemes of shunt or series resistance to attenuate. 

Actually, the buffer in the W4S is always active. This is part of what makes it work so well (no worries of impedance mismatches) and sound great at all volume settings. It is simply unity gain buffer up to a certain (high) volume setting at which point gain is added. I've owned the W4S at least twice. It is a very well made and versatile piece of equipment. :D


Re: Passive preamps
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As far as the Toruga passive options are looks like they have some very affordable products (3) coming out in the $600-$1000 range in the very near future....scroll down the page that I've linked.

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Re: Passive preamps
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On the Passive Tortuga preamps, do any of them offer balanced with at least 1 RCA input for FM ?? Thinking of trying them if so into my totally awesome Megaschino amp. I also run Tommy"s DAC DAC in TL ….. both stellar products.

PS: Running a Classe 35 MKII preamp which I believe its gain is 18db …..

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