Just Chilln' with the Italian Grey Hound, a Two-channel Audio System by I.Greyhound Fan

Room Size
System Overview
Pass X250 amp, BAT VK-51se tube preamp and Luxman DA-06 DAC Magnepan QR 1.6 speakers, RAM Modified Music Hall 25.2 CDP as a transport, Martin Logan Sub Thorens TD-145 TT Martin Logan sub Monster Reference Z4 speaker cables, Adcom GFR 700 AVR, Niles Audio High Power amplifier switcher, Vintage 1976 Technics SU7600 Integrated amp and 1977 Hitachi Tuner, AudioQuest IC's, Monitor Audio S1 Speakers, Vintage High Current JVC receiver, Magnepan MMG speakers
Music Preferences
Blue's, Vocal Jazz, Jazz, Rock and Classical
Room Description
Family room geared for entertainment
Acoustic Treatment
Draperies, area rug
Media Storage
Digital Source
Modified Music Hall 25.2 CDP as transport, Luxman DA-06 DAC, Van Alstine Hybrid Ultra Plus Tube DAC
Analog Source
Thorens TD-145 TT
Other Sources
Luxman T-110 Tuner
Signal Processors
Adcom GFR-700 AVR
BAT VK-51se tube preamp
Power Amp
Pass X250 amp
Magnepan QR 1.6's, MMG's, Monitor Audio S1's, PSB B6's
Martin Logan and Velodyne
Speaker Cable
Monster Reference Z4's
Cardas Parsec XLR's,Silnote IC's Blue Jeans, Audio Quest
VTI 6 level tower rack able to hold 500#'s of equipment
Power Cond
Cyber Power HT 1030
Other Components
Niles Audio High power amp switcher rated at 600wpc to switch between my Parasound-Van Alstine combo and my Adcom AVR with my Magnepan 1.6's as the front channel speakers.