SPDIF iPurifier

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Re: SPDIF iPurifier
« Reply #40 on: 23 Sep 2021, 04:46 pm »
In short, more effective noise-celaning tech is the main difference between old and new iPurifiers.


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Re: SPDIF iPurifier
« Reply #41 on: 6 Oct 2021, 12:33 pm »
A note of caution about the flimsy manufacture and product quality.

I was using this SPDIF iPurifier. It was OK while plugged in but the power to the unit kept intermittently being interrupted on and off. I found turning the orientation of the connection would affect this.

I pretty much left it alone.

However, I bought a new coaxial cable and while unplugging the existing one, the internal power connector was dislodged.

It could not be fixed and I ended up with a useless gadget. This is by iFi's own admission.

They offered me a slight discount on the SPDIF iPurifier 2 but I had lost my job then owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. The discount with shipping amounted to paying more than full price for a new unit.

I saved up enough for a new unit and contacted them again recently after some time as there was now a distributor in my country and I could save on shipping but was told to buy a new one from Amazon.

Only buy their products if you have money to throw away on what could likely be a useless item that you will have to write off.

I mentioned to customer service that I would relate what happened with the item and the response I received from them.


They will most likely delete this post as they have others telling the sad truth about their poor product quality and customer service.