Spatial + Linear Tube Audio + Lampizator = Happy, a Two-channel Audio System by doggie

System Overview
Server: Streacom FC5 fanless chassis with Gigabyte H87m-ITX system board with Apacer DDR3 ram and HDPlex 200w external LPS. HDPlex 400W DC-ATX converter. SSD for OS and SSD for music, both powered by LPS. Server running Windows Server 2019 + Roon Core + Audiophile Optimizer v3. JCAT NET Card FEMTO with ethernet out to EtherRegen "A" side. "B" side out to NUC Roon Endpoint. Roon Endpoint: NUC in fanless chassis and no internal SSDs. Powered by HDPlex LPS. Running Audiolinux headless in ramroot with Apacer DDR3 ram. USB out to Lampizator Baltic 3 DAC: Lampizator Baltic 3 Amp: Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear Integrated Speakers: Spatial Audio X5 - Open Baffle with integrated Hypex powered woofers.  Cable: Final Touch Audio(FTA) Callisto USB, FTA Ganymede IC's, FTA Elara PC and Duelund speaker cables Power Conditioning: Topaz isolation transformer to single unfiltered power strip shared by all audio devices. Control: iPhone or iPad running Roon Remote with Qobuz