Better listening thru simple science . .

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Better listening thru simple science . .
« on: 27 Jun 2014, 03:37 pm »

In your package you will find Velcro strips.  The wooly ones go on the back of the pads toward the outside mid point.  Press hard to affix.  Mirror image their counterparts on the speaker face.  Line them up and press with your thumbs or fingers to attach.  Caution . . if you ever need to remove your pads, slowly insert your fingertips between the Velcro strips starting at a top corner keeping pressure on the tabs themselves while you advance your fingertips between the tabs gradually separating them.  That is of particular importance for the wooly ones on the back of the pads because the stickum will come off and on the pad if separated rendering them useless.

All the information your system is capable of resolving from those bits and grooves in your recordings divest itself at the end of the line as sound waveforms.  These dense wool pads will insure that the information those waveforms carry is delivered to your listening position free of time and phase error caused by reflection off your speaker baffles and edges (diffraction) not present in the recorded event.


PS- In case you haven't seen my message elsewhere, I've dropped the price for you blokes and ladies to $38.95 for a custom fitted set with a 30 day trial period.  For conventional box speakers with right or near right angles.