With any luck the Pioneer SP-FS52-LR speakers will be really nice too after ---

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After Dennis Murphy gets done with them.

Dennis e-mailed me yesterday that he has finished revising the set I sent him a month or so ago and that now they sound "really great".

I will report herein as soon as I get them back and have had time to listen to them seriously.

Stock, before I sent them to Dennis, mine were essentially unlistenable.  Very harsh and very "lo-fi".  I asked Dennis to take a close look at them and he has.  He told me it was a ton of work to get them right, with many crossover revisions along with the Viva tweeter.

Hopefully if he got mine really right then he probably can deal with yours too at a rational price.  I think the world really needs an inexpensive set of full range floor standing speakers and I am can hardly wait to give them a listen and hope that these fill an empty niche in the audiophile world.

No word on pricing for Dennis's revisions yet.  Mine were a trade for installing a new Vision phono preamp board in his AVA preamplifier.


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Any thoughts on them yet?  I look forward to reading what you think of them vis-à-vis the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR (modded and/or unmodded).