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Hello AudioCircle,

Allow me to introduce the e20 and e18 DACs from exaSound. We developed these devices to allow audiophiles to listen to any digital music file in its native format.  We believe that this a credible way to preserve the realism, the true dynamic and fine nuances of the original recordings. Our DACs can reproduce studio master files in their native format in a very transparent way - nothing is added; nothing is taken away.

Of course there is more than one way to do things right - the possibilities to apply upsampling, DSP processing, digital crossovers and room correction are very exciting. After applying digital filters or even digital volume control the audio stream is no longer limited to24 bit. Our drivers, USB interface and DACs always work in 32bit mode to minimize rounding errors.

The maximum sampling rate of 384 kHz opens the door for DSP processing  at the level of precision available only to the finest recording studios.
exaSound DACs are powered by an external 12 Volt power source.  It is easy to replace it with a custom linear or battery power supply that suits your preferences.   

We believe in simplicity, we avoid unnecessary processing and we give you a baseline of sound fidelity and realism. Our DACs are as transparent as possible. You can fine-tune and enhance the sound in any way that you like. Some of our users use tube amplifiers and transformer volume controls. Others prefer active speakers with oversized MOSFET  Class A amplifiers. 

Here is a short features list:

•       32bit asynchronous bitperfect USB interface with 0 ps jitter
•       0.13 ps master clock jitter
•       PCM sampling rates from 44.1 to 384 kHz
•       Native DXD / DSD support with automatic sampling rate / format switching
•       Isolation on all inputs for achieving spectacular noise floor

Detailed features, specifications and measurements are published on our website - www.exaSound.com.

Let us know what is important for you when you consider a DAC.  If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and you are interested to audition our DACs please contact us.


George Klissarov,


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exaSound Audio Design announces the launch of the e20 Mk II - the first high-end DAC capable of achieving DSD playback at sampling rate of 11.2896 MHz (DSD 256).

exaSound's DAC’s have always stayed ahead of the curve, and the latest e20’s DSD 256 capability not only goes beyond the capabilities of all other DAC’s on the market today, it is ahead of current recording technology. This ensures that audiophiles will be enjoying studio master files the way they were recorded – without down-sampling or down-conversion – well into the future, without equipment upgrades.

In addition to offering the highest digital audio resolution, the e20 DAC has jitter, distortion and noise levels that are vanishingly low, creating an astonishingly clean and analog-like sound – the difference is obvious, even with an ordinary CD. Detailed measurements, specifications and subjective impressions are available at www.exasound.com.


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TAS review: ExaSound Audio Design e20 Digital-to-Analog Converter | The Absolute Sound


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Congrats George!  You, your wonderful E20 (and updated E18), and your Company all deserve it.  Great job!


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Toronto ON — exaSound Audio Design unveils the PlayPoint DM flagship music server and DAC.

Combining a reference-grade 32-bit digital-to-analog converter, balanced headphone amplifier and Roon-enabled music server in one elegant component, the PlayPoint DM unites simplicity with sonic perfection. With refinements like dual-mono fully balanced design, two ES9028PRO DACs in octo-mono configuration with four autonomous I/V stages and exaSound’s unique four-way galvanic isolation, PlayPoint DM brings the best out of every high-resolution audio format. Zero-configuration comprehensive sampling rate support extends all the way up to native DSD256 (Quad DSD) and 32 bit PCM/384kHz.

PlayPoint DM is a Roon server and Roon Ready player.  In conjunction with Roon Labs, the PlayPoint DM seamlessly integrates Roon’s deep functionality with exaSound’s exceptional fidelity. Via intelligent automatic cloud service, Roon delivers metadata and frees the user from the complexities of library management.

PlayPoint DM is a multi-level device offering easy-to-use and advanced configurations. In addition to Roon, it hosts a UPnP server. It supports all major audio streaming technologies, including UPnP, Open Home, Airplay and Sygnalist NAA, and streaming services like Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz.     

PlayPoint DM, along with all of the exaSound family of products, is available at https://www.exasound.com/PlayPointDM/PlayPointDMOverview.aspx.


What is the MSRP of the PlayPoint DM?

Edit: Found it on the exaSound Store link (US $14,000)