Second Room System, a Two-channel Audio System by Triode Pete

Stereo Room
Room Size
13' Wide X 14' Deep X 9.5' High
System Overview
Monoblocks: BorderPatrol S10 EXD SET with EXD monoblock power supplies. Preamplifier: Steve Short custom designed, DHT 71A linestage with separate, dual mono GenRad 1201-B tube regulated power supplies... Speakers: Custom Tannoy Music Seekers (Dave Meraner designed enclosures & external crossovers, tuned port at 16 Hz utilizing 12" Tannoy Monitor Golds with original Butyl Rubber surrounds)... SACD player: Phillips 963SA SACD/CD/DVD player... DAC: BorderPatrol SE DAC Cables: Triode Wire Labs bi-wired speaker cables, Triode Wire Labs "Spirit" interconnects... Power Conditioner: PI Audio Group UberBUSS!... Power Cables: Custom Triode Wire Labs "Obsession NCF" cables...
Acoustic Treatment
Some Bassbusters & Echobusters...
Speaker Cable
Triode Wire Labs, what else is better?
Triode Wire Labs, what else is better?
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs, what else is better?
Power Cond
PI Audio UberBUSS