Any Atlanta, GA area listeners wanna listen?

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Any Atlanta, GA area listeners wanna listen?
« on: 19 May 2022, 10:34 pm »
Hey all,

Ever since I received my M3 Sapphires in fall 2020, I've been futzing around with the whole system and getting it to where it's uniquely mine. I'd love to share the quality of performance I've attained with folks in the area. I am always tweaking and adjusting things (the speakers have been left alone for months and months), and any setup is temporary. It's been fun having friends over. Since Spatial Audio is a direct-to-consumer brand, and there's nothing quite like a well setup in-home system, there must be someone who'd make the time to make the visit.

Some of my system is:
Cherry M3 Sapphires
First Watt F8
Wyred4Sound DAC 2v2 SE
Wyred4Sound modified Sonos Connect
Mac Mini M1
Apple TV with Wireworld fig 8 power cord and Transparent HDMI
Some homemade passive pre I bought used
Pioneer Kuro Plasma feeding preamp via its analog outputs
Gen 6 Transparent Ultra IC and Speaker Cable
Gen 6 Transparent XL and Reference Power Cords throughout
Transparent PowerWave X
Lots of Herbie's Audio Lab weights, feet, isolators, dampening sheets, and washers
Lots of Mad Scientist Audio woo-woo and surface treatment throughout
Some Synergistic Research woo-woo
Walker Audio things
Bases and isolation of many types and makes
GIK acoustics plus other acoustical treatment
And more!

I just measured the inside base of my left front baffle and it's 19.25" inches from the wall. The outside base of the front baffle was harder to get a good measure of, but is about 24.75" from the wall. That should provoke some alarm and interest from readers!

It's not easy for me to sum up the sound of this system. While it's not quite The Absolute Sound, any artist would be thrilled to hear themselves so well portrayed, IMO. The Grateful Dead don't quite have their signature sound, but they sound like you see them on-stage, with expressiveness at their mics, on their instruments, and their every perfect note and little foible rings true for me. Neil Peart clearly sounds like the amazing drummer he was.

My view is that the design of the M3 is like one of those satellite dishes we see listening to, or sending signals in, space. The wide bandwidth tweeter and 15" woofers combine to reveal the many magnitudes of information sent to the M3S without an obvious bias towards particular details in recordings. They've sounded great since I got them, always displaying positive musical character, and are now a special kind of great that is a little outside of the norm which I'd like to share, show, and talk about.




Re: Any Atlanta, GA area listeners wanna listen?
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PM sent.


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Re: Any Atlanta, GA area listeners wanna listen?
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PM sent as well.  Thanks!