At the beach house, a Two-channel Audio System by TomS

Acora Acoustics SRC-1 grills off
Room Size
17 x 19
System Overview
Beach house great room, HT and 2 channel separated systems
Music Preferences
Acoustic, Jazz, New Age, Classic Rock, Classical, Organ, Choral
Acoustic Treatment
6 GIK Acoustics 4" Impression Series Panels 2 GIK Acoustics 2'x4' 242 Art Panels 3 GIK Acoustics 2'x5' 4" Free Standing Panels 2 RPG 2'x4' BAD Arc diffusers
Media Storage
Digital Source
Bricasti M1SE, MDx update, ethernet module for streaming, Intel NUC Roon ROCK
Analog Source
Acoustic Signature Typhoon Neo turntable, Acoustical Systems Aquilar tonearm DS Audio DS 003 optical cartridge and DS 003 phono equalizer
Power Amp
Modwright KWH 225i Hybrid Integrated Upscale Telefunken E88CC's and others
Acora Acoustics SRC-1's
SVS SB16 Ultra (for A/V system only)
Speaker Cable
Silversmith Fidelium, Audio Envy SP9
Hapa Audio Breathe C, Audio Envy RCA, Audio Envy O'Nestian 4:3 XLR
Power Cables
Triode Wire Labs Digital American, 7+, 12+
Silent Running Audio Scuttle V3.3
Power Cond
Puritan Audio Laboratories PSM156 and Ground Master
Other Components
Degritter utrasonic record cleaner