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Title: Introduction and X3s— a request
Post by: JKroeker on 31 May 2022, 01:53 pm
Hi all, I’m a longtime acoustics and signals technology geek, and I’m recently been going down the audiophile rabbit hole and enjoying the heck out of that. I am fully aware that we can hear things that have not yet been measured nor understood by research, and I find this both fascinating and, of course, wonderful to hear.

I had the opportunity to audition the M3 with the LTA Ultralinear+ amp recently, at Linear Tube World Headquarters, and was blown away. By far the best sound I’d ever heard. Now I don’t have experience with a lot of world-class systems, well any, so I had an audiophile friend, who’s ears I trust, do a parallel listen out in the Bay Area. All good, I’m sold.

Now I have a large listening space, and so should go with the X3. I would dearly like to listen to them first before I purchase. Yeah, there is a trial period, but also a breaking in period, so a decision might be difficult.

Clayton tells me there are currently no X3s to hear at Spatial (they sell fast?). So I have a request to the group:  is there anyone in the New England or even NY area with X3s who would be willing to give me a listen?
Title: Re: Introduction and X3s— a request
Post by: radarnyc on 31 May 2022, 05:19 pm
I’ve had the X3 and I now have the X5s and they are so similar as you can imagine. I have an LTA Z10 for sale if you’re interested. I’m still with LTA btw. I’m in Westchester County NY if you’re interested.