Custom transformers - FAQ

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Custom transformers - FAQ
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1. Where are the transformers made?
They are made in Serbia, Europe, by Trafomatic company.

2. What types of transformers can you make?
Trafomatic specializes in toroidal and Double-C core transformers, but they can also make EI transformers. For more info please refer to the following websites:

General info:


3. What is the minimum order size?
There is no minimum quantity nor minimum price, individual and OEM accounts are all welcome.

4. Do you offer volume discounts?
Yes, volume discounts start with only 5 piece orders. Sometimes we even combine volumes of different types of transformers to get to the break point faster.

5. Your transformer is more expensive than model XX made by company YY. Why?
We are committed to keeping our prices low. However, they include design, setup and actual build, shipping, customs, etc. Typically, if you do not need top-notch quality and there is a commonly used standard transformer (such as a 5W SE output transformer for EL84, etc.), you are likely to get lower price by buying an off-the-shelf unit that is built in thousands and capitalizes on economies of scales.

6. Do you have standard products?
No, not in a sense that we keep them in stock. We do have few standard designs (such as Dynaco ST-35 and ST-70 toroidal transformer kit) but they are built-to-order.

7. Where are the transformers shipped from?
All transformers are shipped to customers from New York, USA.

8. I live in Europe, can you ship directly from Serbia, it has to be cheaper?
For small quantities, unfortunately, it is not cheaper as there are certain export fees that make direct shipping prohibitively expensive. For large quantities this option is available worldwide (including US) - transformer price is reduced accordingly and the customer is responsible for shipping charges, customs duties, etc.

9. What are the lead times?
In order to minimize shipping/import expenses we pool the orders and ship them in batches. Longest lead time is 12 weeks. For large OEM orders the lead time is 4-6 weeks.

10. Can you make the transformer for amplifier model ZZ made by WW?
Even though we think the best way is for you to send us the detailed specification, we do try to accommodate such requests within reason. Sometimes we cannot find information that we need and we cannot respond to such request with a quote.

11. Can you make the transformer that will fit my chassis?
Luckily, most of the time, the answer is yes. As Trafomatic cuts it's own steel for toroidal transformers, there is a certain flexibility in the form factor.
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Custom transformers - FAQ
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March '09 batch getting ready to ship ahead of schedule, working on plans for new batch.
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