Linn LP12 and WN Power Supply

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Linn LP12 and WN Power Supply
« on: 15 Jul 2005, 11:04 am »
I recently fitted a White Noise power supply to my LP12 to replace an ailing Valhalla. Now I tend to prefer CD (I'd never make a REAL audiophile), so the LP12 doesn't get much of an outing. However, the other night, I heard it making a noise. This originated from the two lengths of the drive belt that weren't in contact with the drive pulley or the inner platter - they were vibrating and making a noise. When I touched the motor pulley, it was vibrating, hence the belt vibrations.

Now I honestly can't remember whether the Valhalla did the same thing, but I was wondering whether the new power supply would have anything to do with this. Or is the motor on the way out? The vibration appears to have no effect whatsoever on the playing (nothing can be felt at the inner platter, so the outer platter would be even less affected), but as the LP12 in a new location is now not far from my listening chair, during a quiet record (a cappella Tudor church music in this case) I can hear it, on which I'm not keen. Advice welcome!