Hello to All

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Hello to All
« on: 25 Jan 2023, 05:36 pm »
Hello to everyone. I am new to the AudioCircle site and making my first post. I live in the United States, Florida to be exact. Basically I am interested and enjoy all things related to music. In my late 40's and pretty much a home body.
 Due to children and family life I took about a 15 year hiatus from hifi, soundbars had taken the place of car systems, home stereo's, and speakers. Over the last 2 years though I've found myself ditching the soundbars and trying out different pieces of gear while getting reacquainted with the music I love so much.
I joined this site in hopes of finding like minded people that can help me find my way back to what I lost over those 15 years or so. Thanks for letting me in...I wish you all a great 2023!

Phil A

Re: Hello to All
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Welcome to AC!


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Re: Hello to All
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Thank you!!


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Re: Hello to All
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:
Please note the Fullrange Driver Circle:
This is the Open Baffle Circle:
This is the Tube Amps Circle>

Eminence Alpha15A + 4.7mH + Visaton B200:

Decware OB with the Lii Audio F15 driver:

If one have a woodworker is possible try the Lii Audio F15($399/Pair) 97dB/8Ω and benign impedance curve suited to OB or Bass Reflex box or the F18($540/pair), no Crossover, no Tweeter beaming, no Phase rotation, no driver sensitivity loss, no Harmonics loss, no Retail price.


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Re: Hello to All
« Reply #4 on: 26 Jan 2023, 01:44 pm »
Welcome!  In the past 15 years digital has been taken over by CD quality streaming with separate Digital Analog Converters (DAC's).  And the up and coming loudspeakers are active (on the consumer front dominated by built-in DAC's and room correction along with wireless connections).  So your entire system can consist of a streamer, two active monitors, and three power cords.  Very simple and compact.