Before and after bass traps

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Big Red Machine

Before and after bass traps
« on: 24 Jan 2023, 08:00 pm »
It seems counterintuitive that a dip in a frequency band can be replenished by absorbing more of that and nearby ranges, but it is exactly what gets you back to better sound.

New room, new gear, set-up first reflections and speaker placements mathematically. Then ran room sweeps and anguished over the room modes I hoped were not going to develop. I played with some 2 inch spare panels stacked up 8 or more inches thick behind the mains to see the effect and those sweeps said it would work.

Ultimately, I built rear corner tri-traps from Roxul, and made massive front traps from 703, Roxul, air gaps, and plastic sheet (ala FRK) for more targeted effect. These are about 24 x 32 with large Real Traps Mondo traps in front and GIK art panels in front of those. So more like 38 inches deep. I put the plastic on the inside surface and then put a cloth panel over those.

This is NOT the look I was going for. Oh well.

For brevity, the combined and generous 1/3 resolution graphs of the before and after show the improvement. Down to a decent +_ 4db deviation. Not the prettiest result, but now I actually have deep bass coming out of the Wilsons.


Re: Before and after bass traps
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Great job! Bet it sounds really good now:-)You can always work on the aesthetic later.


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Re: Before and after bass traps
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Nice results.

I just added front wall corner diffuser/traps, first reflection bass traps, and rear wall diffuser/traps.  The system sounds okay - actually developing a 3-ish dimensional stage - but I was pretty disheartened comparing before and after sweeps.  It was just different.  Better in some ways and worse in others.  I have a lot to learn and need to play with the setup a lot more but I was hoping for obvious improvements. 

Rob Babcock

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Re: Before and after bass traps
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That looks great! :thumb:


Re: Before and after bass traps
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Big Red, can you give us the LxWxH room size?