Denton Audio Works X-On Wall Build

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Denton Audio Works X-On Wall Build
« on: 30 Nov 2022, 11:01 pm »
Here's a look at a pair of X-On Wall Surround sound speakers that came across my desk recently.

Not a super hard crossover to put together at all. Plenty of space on the boards provided with a flatpack order.

Crossover gets installed with a couple screws and lots of CA glue to keep it securely in place.

I cut all the runs of wire to 1ft for this build and separate them into the holes they belong in before i start soldering things on.
Keeps things from getting mixed up in a small space like this.
Binding post cup gets installed first.

Then the tweeter. These things fit super tight into the CNC cut hole so you may need to gently tap them in until they are flush.

Not much room to stick No Rez in these so i stuff them with insulation.

Last is the woofer.

All done! Another great set of oak cabs from DentonWoodWorkers. I'll stick their contact info at the bottom. for assembly work on pretty much anything you can think of. for cabinets or flatpacks