Golden Atlantic vs Big 7

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Golden Atlantic vs Big 7
« on: 7 Oct 2019, 07:59 pm »
Given the fact that both Golden Atlantic and Big 7 are the same price, do they sound equally well?  I am referring to the SE version with tube rectifier and volume control.  My guess is that with Big 7, you can tube roll and if you put on some very high-end 300B's like the Takatsuki, then the Big 7 could potentially sound better than Golden Atlantic.  Is this correct?  Does anyone have experience comparing the two?  Thanks. 


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Re: Golden Atlantic vs Big 7
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jan 2021, 03:53 pm »

While I have not heard the Golden Atlantic in my system, I have done extensive tube rolling in my B7, (300b’s, 45’s, 101d’s, and finally 2a3’s).  All had a very significant influence on the sound of my system.  I ended up with a set of NOS Sylvania 2a3’s.  These provide upper end sparkle, glorious mid range and great bass punch.  But, as always, your results may vary.  I found this tuning ability a great advantage.