Dedicated Two channel audio / Home Theater, a Two-channel Audio System by TomW16

Home Theater 2023
Room Size
~15' wide by 25' long sound proofed room.
System Overview
High resolution system for two channel listening and home theater enjoyment
Room Description
The room is in a basement and was purpose built to be symmetrical as well as sound proofed. Acoustical treatments have been added to deal with in-room reflections and bass trapping.
Acoustic Treatment
Front corner bass traps and OC703 on the side walls.
Listening Impressions
The system is quick and transparent without being strident. The combination of the electronics and the speakers gives a smooth, powerful and engaging listening experience.
Digital Source
Apple TV 4K, Nvidia Shield, and XBox
Emotiva RMC-1L
Power Amp
VTV Purify for front 3 channels. VTV NCORE 8-channel for surrounds and Atmos
Martin Logan mains, DIY sealed Ellis 1801 center, and Meniscus Mandolin surrounds and atmos.
HSU 15” sealed (dual)
Power Cond
Panamax and SurgeX
Other Components
JVC Projector