My music system, a Two-channel Audio System by KCLam

2015 Upgrade WIP
Room Size
25' (D) by 20' (L) by 12' (H)
System Overview
3 Bryston amps 14B ST, Bryston BP26 preamp/MPS2 DC power supply, Bryston 10B LR Electronic Crossover, CH precision D1 Transport, CH Precision C1 DAC, Speakers PMC MB2/XBD Active in Piano Black, Oppo BDP105 Bluray player , Marantz Tuner, Shunyata, Oyaide, Purist Audio Design , Gryphon AC and I/C and In-akustik Referencz LS 2404 speaker cables
Music Preferences
All types, many pressings of the same CD - they all sound different. Not better or worse - just different. Remasters are a huge improvement though. SACD is awesome
Room Description
No treatment, system in the living room with solid walls, carpet and leather sofa
Acoustic Treatment
My ears have not been cleaned for a while....
Listening Impressions
Media Storage
None, All CD's and SACD's
Digital Source
CH Precision C1 DAC, CH Precision D1 Transport
Bryston BP26/MPS2 Power supply
Power Amp
3 Brystons 14B ST in triamp mode
PMC MB2/XBD Active in Piano Black, 2X Bryston Electronic Crossover 10B-LR
Speaker Cable
3 pairs of 2.5M In-akustik Referenz LS 2404
Gryphon VIP Reference XLR's with a short custom made Cardas Y+1 XLR for preamp to the 3 power amps, Gryphon VIP Reference XLR DAC to Pre amp
Power Cables
Gryphon VIP Reference for Transport and DAC, Shunyata Sigma HC for Amps and Sigma Analogue for Pre amp, Purist Audio Design Aqueous for Oppo Bluray player, Oyaide power cords for Crossovers
Solidsteel 3 tier rack
Power Cond
Tuning and Tweaks
TAOC Super Isolators for racks, speakers, source components, crossovers and pre amp