Fleeting Satisfaction, a Home Theater System by laulau

circa April 2018, now with ATI AT522NC amp
System Overview
5.2 Music-first dual-purpose HT system - Music is FLAC files ripped from CDs. HT is primarily Blu ray discs.
Room Description
Not the best, multi-functional living space. It is what it is.
Acoustic Treatment
Not yet, but soon, real soon...any day now...just around the corner...
Media Storage
DLNA servers feeding main system. 3ea. Raspberry Pi3 w/Moode Player & directly attached SSDs feeding 3ea. headphone DAC/amp stacks. 2TB directly attached to Oppo BDP93 via USB.
DVD or LaserDisc Player
Oppo BDP-93 Bluray Player w/2TB HDD via USB.
Satellite or Cable
Cisco 8742HDC DVR.
Video Display
Panasonic TC-P65VT50 Plasma HDTV.
Denon AVR-4520CI (powering center and surround channels).
Denon AVR-4520CI (for front LR).
Power Amp
ATI AT522NC - 2 channel Class D amp. NCore NC-500 modules with linear power supply (not SMPS).
Salk SongTowers with RAAL ribbon tweeters.
Salk SongCenter with RAAL ribbon tweeter.
Salk Song Surround I (Hiquphon OW dome tweeters).
Dual Rythmik F12 Direct Servo Subwoofers.
Speaker Cable
Blue Jeans Cable; "Twelve White", Belden 5000UE.
Blue Jeans Cables and Worlds Best Cables, pretty much everywhere.
Stack 1: Raspberry Pi3 w/Hifiberry Digi+ Pro w/SSD -> coax -> Schiit Bifrost 4490 DAC -> Schiit Valhalla amp -> Sennheiser HD600 & HD6XX Stack 2: Raspberry Pi3 w/Hifiberry Digi+ w/SSD -> coax -> Audio-GD DAC19 -> Cavalli Liquid Carbon amp
Salamander Synergy Twin-20.
Power Cond
Furman Elite-15 PFi. Furman PST-8D.
Tuning and Tweaks
Omnimic V2. REW. Calman.
Other Components
Chromecast ver. II Harmony Elite remote control integrated with Amazon Alexa for voice control.