The i34 has landed.

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The i34 has landed.
« on: 4 Jan 2008, 03:21 am »
USPS delivered a treat today; the new and improved i34. This final product is the result of customer feedback - mostly from you New Yorkers! I can tell you, Boris was listening.  I've ran into zero issues with gain/output on my 87db two-ways from Totem Acoustic....  There's also *plenty* of top end energy and detail.

My initial listening impressions are very positive thus far.. A review will be forthcoming in the next two-three months...  meanwhile, here's an overly dark hap-hazard pic;


Re: The i34 has landed.
« Reply #1 on: 4 Jan 2008, 05:37 am »

Nice.  But...shouldn't that LED be blue?  Why isn't the LED blue?



Re: The i34 has landed.
« Reply #2 on: 5 Jan 2008, 03:29 am »
Nope, no blue LED!  :nono:

Boris has to use RED  :rotflmao:

Something with blue LED(s) will come in a few months...... :wink:

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