Budget HiFi system w/ Super 7's finally coming together

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I introduced myself here a couple weeks ago.
I'm finally getting my long anticipated stereo system set up in my house after moving around for a few years.  I bought a house a couple years ago and it's taken me this long to prioritize the Hifi.

I should note that I am not in a position to spend mightily on audio gear at this point.  That may change in the future,...but this is where I am.

I purchased an Omega Deep Micron sub back in 2014 from Louis and used it in a system in my apt in NYC with some small ADS bookshelf speakers and an old Yamaha CA-2010 integrated (which has a 30W class A operation if desired).  At that point I was mostly sending digital audio to a California Audio Labs Sigma II DAC via wifi using the Apple airport express optical-out trick.

A year later, in 2015, I purchased a pair of Original Super 7's (not the Mk2).
Given my housing situation they lived safely in their original boxes until sometime during the pandemic in 2020 when I pulled them out and hooked them up to a temporary amp ...which was a Marantz A/V amp.
(The aforementioned Yamaha needed some attention...and I stored it.  I'm currently looking for a shop to send it to.  I believe either full restoration or a repair.   It's currently outputting one side lower than the other)

The Marantz A/V amp just didn't sound good with the Omega Super 7's...and, while I could eek out a decent sound ...I was, not surprisingly, unsatisfied with what was happening.

Well, I finally picked up a little Vista Audio Spark Mk2 and an Ifi Zen Stream.  I'm streaming mostly Tidal at this point and it's been a monumental upgrade. The Vista Spark/Omega combo is so good.  I've taken the Deep Micron sub out of the signal chain for now, just to listen to what the Vista sounds like with the Super 7's and will likely bring it back in sometime in the future.  I will say, bass and low-mids have really made themselves present after the anemic response I was getting from the temporary Marantz amp.  The overall soundstage and presentation is night and day...and I'm essentially listening to full records and then playing another just bc I'm so enjoying the listening experience.  It's been the complete opposite of where I was with regards to actually enjoying a stereo system.   As far as power goes, the 20W/side Vista is plenty.  I really can't turn the volume pot up more than about 25% without the audio being deafening.  I've yet to upgrade my basic speaker cable nor power cables ...that will come soon enough.  I am using a Blue Jeans Cable SPDIF to connect the Ifi Zen Stream to the CAL DAC and Blue Jeans Cable RCA's to connect the CAL DAC to the little Vista Spark.  I'm waiting to purchase better speaker cable after determine where exactly the Super 7's will be placed.
Which is part of my question here to the group.

My speaker placement is a temporary bandaid situation ...they are currently sitting atop 2 chests on either side of my room (see pic) ...and I'm trying to find the right stands for the Super 7's.  I know Skylan can make me some that fit perfect and I might go that route, but that will be a largish investment for me.  Conversely , I spoke with Louis last year about sending my Deep Micron sub back to him and he'd use the parts from it and send me 2 new custom subs that would be the same footprint as the Super 7's....essentially using the subs as stands for the monitors.
(FYI, the original Super 7's are 10'W x 14"D x 18"H). 

At this point I'm leaning towards stands rather than the 2 sub idea.

From what I understand , the optimal stand height for these Super 7's is around 20".

In the photos attached, there is an acoustic guitar ...that is there to give a sense of where (I think) the optimal place for the Super 7's would be and show's approximately the correct height off where the monitors should be.  Currently they are way too high.  Naturally , the other would be on the opposite side of the room.

I have a lot of LP's and bringing in a turntable is the next step.  But I want to get the speakers placed correctly first.   I have a Pro-Ject turntable on the way...but have yet to select a phono pre for it. 

Please see the attached pics and I'd love to hear your thoughts on both stand options for the Super 7's as well as placement options.   Additionally, speaker cable recs would be welcome.  I'm pretty much just thinking of going Blue Jeans Belden cable at this point but am open to options.


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Re: Budget HiFi system w/ Super 7's finally coming together
« Reply #1 on: 23 Dec 2021, 09:01 pm »
Very nice setup there. Your patience is admirable.

When you get your stands, the best thing is to experiment a bit with placement. As for stands, those Skylan stands are a bit much for what they are. I needed stands for a pair of Harbeth speakers and looked at Skylan. After seeing the price, and how they are built. I decided to build my own. I probably spent more time gathering the material than I did building them. Some MDF, 2 inch PVC pipe, 14 inch all thread, and some paint.


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Re: Budget HiFi system w/ Super 7's finally coming together
« Reply #2 on: 24 Dec 2021, 03:09 pm »
For stands, there is no correct universal answer.  Correct stand height is going to be determined by the minimum of how tall you are as well as how high or low your listening seat is.  If you can fool around with a temporary setups with varying heights, you’ll best be able to pick a height that works best in your situation.

As far as placement, general rules of thumb state that the rule of thirds is the best place to start….speakers 1/3rd ours in the room, then the listening chair another third leaving another open third behind you as free space.  Then you also want to keep speakers away from corners and also leave all the space between you and the speakers open.  When you do get things set up correctly, you will notice imaging and soundstaging really lock into place.  It’s a cool thing when you get there.

Unfortunately, it appears that you won’t be able to maximize your space in this way so I would suggest just keep experimenting with moving things around within your space to find what sounds best.  As far as cables, I’ve used the Blue Jeans with the Omegas and I’ve found them to be an excellent budget cable.

Good luck!


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Re: Budget HiFi system w/ Super 7's finally coming together
« Reply #3 on: 24 Dec 2021, 03:22 pm »
Yes, get those monitors away from walls/fireplace!  3 - 5 ft from front wall is recommended and 5/8 of  that distance from the side walls.  Stands should afford keeping the tweeter at listening ear height.  Suggest looking into TimberNation.com, they can do custom stands and if carefully shopping at a reasonable price.  Wood floors - use rubber footers designed for the given weight.