I thought the SP4 had been discontinued?

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I thought the SP4 had been discontinued?
« on: 3 Jul 2024, 02:18 am »
As the thread titled asks, I thought the SP4 was discontinued however I was just browsing the web and came across this article:


It was just posted on July 1st and specifically mentioned the SP4. I would have thought if the SP4 was discontinued it would not be receiving further firmware updates and would have been sunset but that doesn't appear to be the case which is good news for anyone who had purchased one of these units. If indeed discontinued then very poor timing for anyone who had been interested in the SP4 but did not pursue due to the lack of it not being kept up to date and in sync with the Storm units when they received updates.

Not sure if this essentially brings the SP4 up to date with everything in the current Storm ISP Elite MK3 or if it would still lag behind that specific unit in some features thus perhaps be more equivalent to the ISP Elite MK1 or MK2 but both of those are discontinued products in their own right so it's possible they lack the ability to be updated with this latest suite of additions however seeing as the SP4 was based on either the ISP MK1 or ISP MK 2 platform I assume both those units probably already have these features.


Re: I thought the SP4 had been discontinued?
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jul 2024, 05:10 am »

Bryston SP4 is discontinued but this is Storm's effort to enable Dirac ART/some SW updates with features on legacy platforms based on Mk1. This update is also for Focal Astral based on Mk1 as well. Nothing more to it :-)

Hope this helps!

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Re: I thought the SP4 had been discontinued?
« Reply #2 on: 3 Jul 2024, 11:05 am »
Yes we have arranged with Storm to support previous owners of the SP-4.