Zapper's Revenge, a Multi-channel Audio System by zapper7

Room Size
33.5 x 15.5 x 8
System Overview
My all-out assult on this ridiculous hobby we are sooooo addicted to. Built the whole house around this and the master above: the hell with the kids, blood suckers. They like the room too, Nemo is actually a hoot!
Music Preferences
Rock, Alterative, good pop
Acoustic Treatment
4-8th Nerve Triangles and acoustic colored-matching foam in the front
Digital Source
Wadia 321, Wadia 170 dock
Signal Processors
Oppo 105D
Power Amp
2 NuPrime ST-9s in mono, Adcom 5303 for HT, Crown XLS250 for IBs
Tekton Pendragons
Klipsch C4
Inwall Klipsch
Custom IB with 4-15
Speaker Cable
Tara RSC, Kimber 10tc
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference
Power Cables
Wegrzyn 8ga
Custom sliding racks that are recessed in the rear closet
Power Cond
Full 100Amp subpanel that branches out to 8-20amp circuits and 4-30 amp circuits
Tuning and Tweaks
I now made a wall to wall carpet system that stays in place the first 4' under the speakers but rolls up between the speakers and the seats so the wife can still teach dancing.
Other Components
The screen is a 10' diagonal electric retractable with a Mitsubishi 1080p projector and Directv HD receiver. The football games are outrageous, and movies are sickening. The IBs shake the floor, which gives a great affect.