Welcome to Verty Audio

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Welcome to Verty Audio
« on: 11 Jun 2015, 04:42 pm »
Verty Audio (www.vertyaudio.com) has joined Vista Audio (www.vista-audio.com) to expand the scope of products and services that we offer. While Vista-Audio focuses on technology as it applies to audio electronics, focus of the three partners at Verty Audio is on the customer. Our motto is "Helping customers make good decisions" and we mean it! As a micro business, we must treat every customer with utmost respect as the word of mouth is our most important "marketing tool".

The best intro we could come up with is on our new website:


We are hoping that this circle becomes place for exchanging ideas, chatting with us and our principals, and for having fun - please join us!  :beer:


Re: Welcome to Verty Audio
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While pro's are working on a better logo, why not have some fun with this one :)


Happy Independence Day America!
« Reply #2 on: 4 Jul 2015, 08:46 am »
Happy Indepence Day from all of us at Verty, Vista, Dayens and Trafomatic!