Use of Quality power strips.

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Use of Quality power strips.
« on: 9 Feb 2018, 05:58 pm »
I recently purchased a Audience Ar2p-tosox ( single gang) for My Odyssey Kismet Reference monoblocks.  I was wondering if it would be ok to use one outlet for a monoblock and the other  outlet for a quality power strip for the other monoblock and An Aurender A10( streamer/dac) and the power supply of a Micro Zotl Pre.
I am using Petes PC's currently
Thanks for your comments.


Re: Use of Quality power strips.
« Reply #1 on: 9 Feb 2018, 09:45 pm »
I've used a similar setup for years with no problems, four outlet VenHaus "Hot Box" connected to an Audience Ar2p. I believe Audience promotes the power strip/Ar2p combo as an economical alternative to one of their 6 or 12 outlet conditioners.