Review of Tweaked Pangea Premier Octet Power Distribution Strip.

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I recently obtained a used Pangea Audio Premier Octet SE power distribution unit at a good price.
First cleaned all the outlet contacts.
Then, of course, I felt compelled to completely disassemble it to see what was contained within the enclosure.

It was pretty heavy in it’s stock form.
The very heavy gauge copper wiring was very neatly laid out and the solder joints were impressive. A first rate build!

I placed self sticking Noico auto noise absorbing material on any interior surface which would accommodate it. Where possible, two layers thick.

I placed some self sticking Stillpoints ERS Paper on the bottom interior surface facing the backs of the eight outlets. I also placed some ERS between the sides of the outlets to further isolate them.

Reassembled the unit and placed some thick globs of Blu-Tack on the bottom.
Mashed it down to a 2” thick maple plinth which was isolated from the maple rack with brass cones.

I plugged in my components and discovered that the plugs were held extremely tightly in place by the outlets. I then snaked a long, 2” wide strip of ERS paper around all the  plugs to isolate them further.

Finally, placed a Shakti Stone above the plugs/wires.

I fired up the system and after an hour warmup, sat down for some critical listening.
I’ll just cut to the chase and state that the Bass and Treble was greatly improved.
The Midrange was moderately improved. The sound stage and imaging was moderately improved.
I was pleasantly surprised by such obvious positive changes and can recommend this product if you’re willing to put some effort into tweaking it.
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Thanks for posting, any inside photo you can posting here?


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In retrospect, I should have documented this as I was doing it. My bad.
It's too much trouble to break down the system, open up the box and reassemble (very involved) and put it back in place in very cramped quarters. When you're 70 you'll understand....


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What were you using before the Pangea?


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From the wall outlet, a Power Wedge III was used.
This has four unfiltered outlets.
In three of these outlets, Enacom AC Filters were plugged in.
I plugged a good grade power strip into the 4th outlet to extend my power closer to my components.
Into this power strip I plugged two Foundation Research LC1 Power Lines leading to my CD Player and three power cords leading to my three sub woofers. This somewhat kludgey set up provided me with some fine sound.

So it was not surprising to me that the Pangea set up gave me superior results.
I didn't expect it to be as great as it turned out.
I'm happy, happy, happy....


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Replaced the stock Pangea input power cord with a Magnan Signature.
A rather nice improvement from the Git-Go.
This Magnan Cable had low millage on it, so I would expect further improvements once it has had time to settle in.

This has turned out to be one hell of a distribution box!