Introducing: Haiku XLR

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Introducing: Haiku XLR
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Haiku XLR

Pure silver, Aerogel dielectric, and innovative geometry. It seems so simple on paper. After all, these are the three parameters that Hapa Audio decided on to create the most advanced RCA cable available, why not utilize these parameters to create the most advanced XLR cable?

We quickly realized, implementing these decisions would prove to be the most difficult design decision Hapa Audio has ever undertaken. In fact, research and development for Haiku XLR took a full year longer to complete than the original Haiku RCA. In the end, it was time well spent. We are confident when we say that Haiku XLR is the best sonic performer in our analog lineup to date.

Introducing Haiku XLR

In order for an analog cable design to meet our standard to be granted the Haiku class it must meet the following design parameters:

Simply put, this is our expression of purity in design. These are the parameters for Haiku.

While there are structural elements involved to bring this incredibly simple concept to life, Haiku is the marriage of these three parameters.

We would be remiss is we didn’t highlight the monumental achievement that can only be done by Hapa Audio; Aerogel Dielectric

In this photo a large puck of Aerogel sits on top of a duck feather. Consisting of 99.8% air, aerogel is the lightest material achievable and it is 100% of the dielectric used in the core of all Aero, Torsion, and Haiku cable options.

This leap-frog advancement in dielectric technology simply cannot be bested or even matched by our competition. Aerogel is 99.8% air, yet is a solid material. it shares similar dielectric properties of air and offers ideal vibrational damping properties. The result, clarity and detail conveyed through the conductor material to a degree that exceeds all other options.

As the only design firm with the ability and manufacturing tech to utilize pure aerogel as a dielectric material in cabling, Hapa Audio has devised a method of bringing this innovative advancement to Haiku XLR. Thus allowing every nuance, detail, and dynamic shading the freedom to be conveyed effortlessly. Breathing new life into your music in a way that was previously impossible.

With Haiku, all electrical pathways consist of pure silver, no other material is utilized for the signal conductors, common/ground or shield.

The proprietary nano-polished silver is meticulously processed in-house to 120 nanometer scale and verified using high powered optics under stringent quality control standards. Our proprietary nano-polish process is the most advanced polishing techniques ever conceived for conductor materials.

Viborg Pure silver pin XLR connectors with Aluminum barrels, Teflon dielectric and Carbon fiber detail.

After a process of painstakingly auditioning countless connectors and solder materials, We have selected Viborg pure silver XLR connectors and QSA high silver content solder to compliment Haiku. There is no other connector or solder available that meets the standard set by Haiku XLR.

Introductory pricing for Haiku XLR:
$4,500 for 1 meter (regular price- $5500)
$6,750 for 1.5 meter (regular price- $7500)

If you would like the opportunity to audition Haiku XLR during its debut tour, please stay tuned, we will be posting the tour info soon.
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