Hello from s South Yorkshire

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Hello from s South Yorkshire
« on: 10 May 2023, 10:48 pm »
Hello to one and all an audiophile for the last forty plus years.Now retired have more time if not funds to indulge my hobby
My present system is as folows  kenwood kd 500 deck with air bearing arm mm cartridge rokan blue with goldring 1042 stylus
Preamps mant audionote kit preamp 2 with phono stage  as well as aconrad johnson act2 mki recent purchase several amplifiers conrad johnson lp70s as well as home built f1j and f2j  transconductace amplifiers ahd until recently lowther lndon tp1 corner horns  these have gone to another happy owner.
Speakers in use are now audiostatic dc1 plus a pair of ls35a with falcon acoustics crossover and drive units.speaker cable home made 1mmsilver cable twisted home made interconnects with wbt silver rca and wbt silver rca sockets where appropriate.
Music everything jazz pop punk classical filmscore and above all anime soundtracks.Lots of other stuff lying about ahve owned at one time most british classical vale amplifiers quad11 radford etc  have one sta15 and preamps and tuners in working order.Also a pink triangle deck and linn sondek kicking about in boxes somewhere.as wellas valves capacitors etc..Diagnosed late with autisim so any spelling mistake sor bad grammer please feel free to correct.Regards Alrick


Re: Hello from s South Yorkshire
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Welcome to AudioCircle


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Re: Hello from s South Yorkshire
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Cheers & Welcome to AC Alrick   :thumb: Keep 'em spinning.  8)

Phil A

Re: Hello from s South Yorkshire
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Re: Hello from s South Yorkshire
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Welcome to AC  :thumb:


Re: Hello from s South Yorkshire
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Living in Yorkshire I wonder if you have been to the Sugden factory?
I have a blue Sugden Sapphire FBA-800 Pure Class A Power Amplifier.
I am very happy with it.
So much better than my old Quad 606.
Don't think many people here have Sugdens though.


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Re: Hello from s South Yorkshire
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Welcome to the circle Aleman100! Don't worry about keyboard mistakes, we all do it to one extent or another. You've been on the audio treadmill a long time, as have many here on the circle. I was first exposed to Leak tube amplifiers in the early 1970's and have been curious about UK built "glow FETs" since then. Incidentally, I still have a Mapleknoll air bearing TT that hasn't been used for a couple of decades because I was never able to find a quiet and powerful enough replacement air pump for both the arm and the platter (the original was Japanese). What do you use and are they still available? You also seem to have the DIY bug, which I've had since the early 70's. I'll look forward to your posts!