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Wayne and Lloyd,
Holy crap... That is how you do it with reviews! I really am astonished at the quality. While I know that 'pro' reviews get more eyeballs, I have focused only on forum reviewers mainly here on AC. Why? Look at what these two gents did and you start to see! These are candid personal experiences completely free from any feedback from me during their time with my products. That is something I am quite proud of! I appreciate ALL feedback positive or negative and look forward to what others have to say!  :thumb:

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Re: Torsion Speaker Cables Tour
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It has been my pleasure to recently audition the excellent Hapa Audio all silver loom of cables. I previously had the opportunity to audition 2 pair of the Haiku silver ICs and raved about them. I then waited a while for the Aero digital coax cable and then the Haiku ICs and Torsion SCs were sent to me as well. During all this time, there were a few changes in my system.  My comments here will pertain only to my current system:

Starkrimson Ultra stereo amp
Supratek Chardonnay preamp
Border Patrol SEi dac
iFi Zen Streamer with Mojo Audio lps
JM Reynaud Abscisse speakers
Audio Envy power cords
Wywires Platinum digital coax cable
Wywires Silver ICs and SCs
PI Audio UberBUSS

This system is synergistic, very musical and very revealing. The recent editions are the excellent Class D Starkrimson Ultra amp and the JMR Abscisse speakers with the wonderful AST tweeters.

I’ll keep this brief and cut to the chase. These cables are superb. They present a very black background, allow for significantly more micro detail and present a soundstage that is superbly layered, holographic and richly textured as well. I’ve never experienced such clarity and purity of musical reproduction. The reproduction of male and female vocals, piano and brass instruments is the best I’ve ever experienced. The additional nuances and textures add so much realism and enjoyment. As I’m writing this, I’m listening with the complete loom of Wywires cables and it’s very, very enjoyable. If I had to pick one characteristic that really sets the Hapa cables apart, it would be how wonderfully layered and holographic the presentation was. It brought an element of “magic” to the presentation. I’ve not experienced it to this level before. It is this one factor that, for me at least, makes these cables very special and better than the Wywires. Now, I’ve mentioned that the Hapa reveal more detail than the Wywires and one might think this makes bad recordings even more difficult to listen to. That wasn’t at all the case for me. The Hapa are so revealing, yet smooth in their presentation, that it improved the listenability of these recordings. To summarize the Hapa cables attributes:

1) very black background
2) extra detail retrieval
3) additional layering into the soundstage
4) very holographic!
5) best reproduction of male and female vocals, piano and brass instruments
6) additional timbre and nuances
7) beautiful tonality
8)delicate, beautiful treble

As I’m finishing this review, I’m listening to a very musical presentation with the complete Wywires loom…mostly Silver line (they are made of copper) with the exception of the Platinum digital coax. I could live with this combination for a very long time. But I’ve now heard what the Hapa Audio all silver loom can do. For me and how much I value detail retrieval and an absolutely captivating holographic presentation, this is my new reference.