Intro, hello from Colorado

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Intro, hello from Colorado
« on: 7 Aug 2022, 12:19 am »
Hey there everyone. Just starting to rebuild my systems after losing 100% of my gear and vinyl in the Marshall Fire wildfires this past December. Well, I bought a (locally available) WTT with square motor and have spent the past few days getting it back up and running - it's been a bit of an odyssey of belts and fluids and resetting the bearing sleeve properly in the plinth (was pointing at the back left corner, rather than to the 9:00 motor position. I don't quite have it perfect but it's spinning discs nicely. Quite a lot more to tweak compared to the tables I lost: AR-XA self-restored, massive 70's Denon DD with Micro Seiki tonearm, stuff like that. This is another world.

Well, I'll continue to read the posts in this excellent forum, and thanks in advance for all of the advice!



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Re: Intro, hello from Colorado
« Reply #1 on: 9 Aug 2022, 01:18 pm »
Welcome & enjoy, in no particular order. Sorry for your loss. You picked up a nice TT. Ive been using a squared motor WTT & TA since I purchased it new c.'90. 

Phil A

Re: Intro, hello from Colorado
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