Part Time Audiophile: The Best Cables | Buyers Guide 2023

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Triode Pete

Part Time Audiophile recommended Triode Wire Labs as a "Complete Loom Recommendation" in their 2023 Buyer's Guide!

Best Power Management and Cables | Buyers Guide 2023

Complete Cable Loom Recommendations
[Editor’s Note: We’re pushing forward the idea of a cable “loom”–an entire complement of one brand of high-end audio cables, enough to wire an audio system–as the easiest way to determine differences between cables. These are the cable looms we have used in our systems and recommend to our readers.]

Triode Wire Labs ($399-$1,399 USD)

Again, if you’ve been in one of those amazing Volti Audio and BorderPatrol rooms at the high end audio shows, that magical combo is hooked up with Triode Wire Labs. Great cables and fabulously underpriced, too.

Thanks, PTA!